Building your business has been your life’s work, and you expect it to live on. So do we.

Brickl Capital is a private investment office investing the capital of its founder’s successful entrepreneurial ventures.

So, what’s next for your company?

You built it. You lived it. You spent decades refining your business

When you’re considering a buyer or investor, you seek an ally who understands the heart and soul you poured into your company. A partner who believes in you and your people. A steward who will ensure your business lives on.

Where your life’s work marches on

Brickl Capital is a family business.

We nurture businesses over decades, not quarters. A life’s work was never meant to be rushed.

Your people are your greatest asset. When we acquire or invest in a company like yours, we 
give extreme operational freedom to those managerial heroes who love their business 
and think like owners.

We’re committed to a sensible approach to business and investing. We allocate our capital where it fits best, and we have a conservative approach to debt.

A family of companies with a legacy of success

Jason R. Brickl

Founder; Chairman & CEO

Brickl® Companies

Jason Brickl is an entrepreneur — a creator and curator of successful businesses. Today, he serves as Chairman and CEO of Brickl® Companies, a diverse portfolio of affiliated companies, where he is tasked with growing the intrinsic value of each business.

With an eye toward opportunities for the future, Brickl® Companies was founded by Jason Brickl, who made his first private company investment at the age of 27. He combines over twenty years of operating experience leading private companies and has significant practical experience in the field of business acquisitions and investment. Jason has successfully directed, completed, and integrated more than a dozen business acquisitions and start-ups of varying sizes during his career.

Brickl® Companies affiliates include LeadCar®, a group of franchised new-car dealerships representing Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, and GMC brands throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, and Pennsylvania; Sunlit® Brands, operating commercial real estate and aviation holdings; and Brickl® Capital, LLC, a private investment office focused on investing the capital of Jason’s successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Investment Criteria

Type of Investments

While our private ownership structure enables us versatility to pursue a broad range of investments, our primary interest is direct ownership of businesses in the transportation/mobility sector, specifically the automotive and aviation industries, as well as commercial real estate, and publicly traded equity securities

Investment Size

We seek to deploy large sums of capital in outstanding businesses, with our typical investment ranging from $10M – $40M

Management Performance

We invest in established companies with skilled and able management teams that have a demonstrated track record of business success

Financial Success

$1M+ in pre-tax earnings and above-average returns on invested capital

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